Community Conversations: Pandemic Perspectives, NJs COVID-19 Storytelling Project


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Community Conversations: Pandemic Perspectives, NJ’s COVID-19 Storytelling Project gathered, documented, and analyzed the personal accounts of more than 580 New Jersey residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project captured the experiences of residents with an emphasis on those who have faced increased risk as a result of the pandemic. Stories were collected from all 21 NJ counties from August 2020 through March 2021. Submissions included individual interviews, focus groups, social media dialogues, creative artworks, journaling, participatory observation, or document analysis.

Community Conversations: Pandemic Perspectives, NJ’s COVID-19 Storytelling Project is a collaboration between the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance, the New Jersey Department of Health, and Healthy NJ 2030. Funding was generously provided by the Russell Berrie FoundationRobert Wood Johnson FoundationNew Jersey Department of Health, and NJ Health Initiatives


Top 6 Community Themes

  1. Mental Health: Isolation and stressors challenged mental health and emotional well-being.
  2. Social & Economic Factors: Challenges faced with education, learning new technology, parents/caregivers acting as teachers.
  3. Clinical Care & Healthcare: Mask wearing, social distancing, and handwashing became normalized behavior.
  4. Socialization: Difficulties of isolating and staying away from loved ones.
  5. Perceptions of Residents & Societal Views/Responses: Fears and frustrations regarding adherence to COVID-19 regulation.
  6. Those Left Out of the Virus Response: Various groups and communities who suffered and remain lost during the pandemic.



Digital Divide

This animated video addresses the ever-widening gulf between those who had access to digital resources and those who did not--often referred to as the “digital divide”. Access to the internet became a necessity and not everyone had the technological knowledge, the resources needed to afford the devices, or the bandwidth needed to survive in this new world.

The COVID Disconnect

This video highlights the loss of human interaction and how isolation took its toll on everyone. The need to quarantine led to feelings of despair and magnified the difficulties of facing the pandemic alone.

Left Out, Trapped In

Follow a family with members that have special needs as their daily structure and family dynamics changed overnight. See how they worked to overcome struggles and challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Resilient, Together

Many residents’ mental health was greatly affected as they lost their usual support and routines. People had to manage the day-to-day challenges of taking care of themselves, while often trying to support others. New routines were created as we connected with family and friends online, and realized that listening to others’ stories reminded us we weren’t alone.

It Takes a Village

New parents and caregivers share their stories of struggle and survival as they dealt with the fear and impact of social isolation. Support came in unexpected ways and people realized they weren’t alone.

We're Still Young

This video highlights how loss and uncertainty affected the mental health of children, which led to misunderstandings and frustration for young people who felt as if their perspectives and concerns were ignored.


Selected Submissions - Coming Soon!

Over 580 submissions were received from residents all across the state of NJ, including students, volunteers, public servants, and essential workers.

Selected submissions will be available for viewing soon!


Digital Archives - Coming Soon!

The NJ State Library will digitally archive and house selected interviews, focus groups, and creative works to ensure accessibility for future generations.

The collection will be available for online viewing soon!


Interim Report & Final Report

All story submissions were analyzed by the Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs to identify themes and key disparities that will be used to inform recommendations for improving public health policies and future programming. Click below to download the Executive Summary and Final Report.

Interim Report



Final Report

The final Community Conversations executive summary and report will be available soon.


Community Conversations Showcase at the Culture of Health Conference

Special Exhibit and Showcase of Community Conversations at the 2021 Culture of Health Conference in Atlantic City, NJ on December 9, 2021, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

The Building A Culture of Health Conference in NJ is the largest statewide event featuring public health professionals, academics, equity advocates, social innovators, and community leaders sharing best practices and innovative educational breakout sessions related to health equity and public health.



Archived Community Conversations Page

To view the archived Community Conversations page, including information about how the project started and how submissions were gathered, click here.