NJ YMCA State Alliance's Blood Pressure Management Program



Join the YMCA Healthy Heart Program to Take Control of Your Blood Pressure Now 

High blood pressure is a risk factor for both heart disease and stroke – two of the leading causes of death.

Take the next steps to a healthier you and join one of our classes!


A blood pressure cuff will be provided for you to track and record readings taken at home, when you join this four-month program.


With support from a trained Healthy Heart Ambassador, you will:
• Learn how to properly take your blood pressure so you can measure and record your blood pressure at home at least two times a month
• Meet with a certified Healthy Heart Ambassador via one-on-one coaching consultations, up to two times per month for guidance and support in making healthy changes
• Participate in monthly Nutrition Education Seminars to help you make positive lifestyle changes and improve blood pressure management
• Ongoing enrollment and coaching for 4 months


• Reduction in blood pressure
• Better blood pressure management
• Increased awareness of triggers that elevate blood pressure
• Enhanced knowledge to develop healthier eating habits


To participate in the program, you must:
• Be at least 18 years old
• Be diagnosed with high blood pressure
• Not have experienced a recent cardiac event
• Not have atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmias
• Not be at risk for lymphedema

Love your heart and your heart will love you back!


Virtual options coming soon!


Find out if you qualify for the free Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program!

Contact us now to get started. 

NJYMCADPP@YAlliance.org or call 609-808-2024.

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Blood Pressure Management Program FAQs

  1. Where is the Blood Pressure Management Program offered?
    This program is offered in-person, and virtually, at select locations in NJ. Please email: NJYMCADPP@YAlliance.org or call 609-808-2024 for more information.
  2. How long is the in-person or virtual program check-in?
    Check-in will only take about 10-15 minutes.
  3. Can I be qualified for the program via email or messenger instead of calling over the phone?
    Yes, we can qualify you for the program via email or messenger.
  4. What is the total cost of the program?
    This is open to the community.  Cost is on a sliding scale based on participants’ abilities to pay.
  5. Will my loaner blood pressure cuff be mailed to me, or will I have to pick it up in person?
    The blood pressure cuff can be mailed to you.
  6. The program asks that I measure my blood pressure twice a month. How will I keep track of my blood pressure each time?
    A journal will be provided to help you track blood pressure results.
  7. Will I have a coach to hold me accountable for tracking my blood pressure and provide support?
    Yes, everyone will be designated a Healthy Heart Ambassador who will hold you accountable for tracking your blood pressure, and provide guidance and support to help you make healthy changes.
  8. How often do we meet virtually, or in-person?
    You will meet with your certified Healthy Heart Ambassador two times per month, either in-person at the host YMCA or virtually.
  9. Will the program include nutrition support?
    Yes, the program will offer monthly nutrition seminars and provide cooking recipes.
  10. How do I contact someone to learn more about the Blood Pressure Management program?
    Email: NJYMCADPP@YAlliance.org or call 609-808-2024 for more information about the program.