YMCA Professional Network

With YPN, every Y staff member—including part-time and seasonal—is eligible for free general membership in YPN. This membership gives them access to extensive career development resources and networking opportunities. YPN eLearnings and chapter events provide professional development opportunities that complement leadership development experiences offered by YMCA of the USA (Y-USA). Through peer communities, YPN members are also able to engage peers in their areas of interest to discuss best practices, troubleshoot problems, learn innovative approaches, and inspire collaboration.

All Y staff have access to the YPN events and resources immediately upon being hired. To access these benefits, they simply need to register on Exchange. Membership is free (although fees are associated with YPN events and eLearnings).

Staff who want to gain access to additional resources and leadership opportunities may become YPN Prime Members by completing an eLearning (YPN Prime Membership eLearning) and paying an annual membership fee ($65). Benefits of prime membership include a 20% discount on select eLearnings and YPN events, eligibility for the Emergency Assistance Fund grants, and opportunities to assume leadership roles in the chapter.  

Peer Communities exist in every YPN Chapter to empower Y staff to share knowledge, learn and innovate with each other. Through bringing people together around a shared interest in or affinity with a particular Membership and Program area, each Peer Community serves as a vehicle for staff to cultivate and grow their thought-leadership through exploring how they can leverage their collective assets to advance our cause of strengthening community for all.  Peer communities are volunteer-led.  All are welcome to participate.

YMCA Professional Network Chapter 17

2018-2019 Peer Community Leaders and Successors (2020-2021)



Leader: Nicole Bizuga, ('18-'19)
Successor: Tracy Crane


Health & Wellness

Leader: Sherri Cognetti
Successor: Lynne Applebaum


Before/After School

Leader: Joanne Browne
Successor: Vacancy
Initiative Liaison: Sue Cornell, Healthy U


Human Resources

Leader: LuAnn Aversa
Successor/Co-Leader: Kathy Minaeff
Movement Liaison: Katie MacAdoo, RTE Manager


Day Camp

Leader: Paul Zeger
Successor/Co-Leader: Kim Burrows


Marketing - Coming Soon!

Leader: Vacancy
Email TBD
Successor: Vacancy


Early Childhood

Leader: Stephanie Anderson
Successor/Co-Leader: Mike Reisman
Initiative Liaison: Sue Cornell, Healthy U



Leader: Justin Grand
Successor: Tammy Yates



Leader: Clark Lagemann
Successor: Vacancy


Overnight Camp - Coming Soon! 

Leader: Vacancy
Email TBD
Successor: Vacancy



Leader: John Kelly
Successor: Vacancy



Leader: Amanda Aguirre
Successor: Vacancy


Fund Development - Coming Soon!

Leader: Vacancy
Email TBD
Successor: Vacancy


Leader: Marty Collett
Successor: Vacancy
Initiative Liaison: Greg Hatzisavvas, 7th Grade Initiative