Spotlight on New Jersey YMCA State Alliance Public Policy

September 18, 2019

Charitable Giving to Include YMCAs

NJ YMCA State Alliance is working with the Center for Nonprofits and other charitable organizations to promote legislation that would allow a New Jersey gross income tax deduction for charitable contributions to certain New Jersey based charities, including the YMCAs. In March, S-2179 (Kean/Singleton) passed the full Senate with a 39-0 vote. The Alliance sent out an Action Alert in March asking advocates to contact their legislators in support of the bill. The response was overwhelming, and should help advance the legislation.

Status: The bill is now pending in the Assembly Budget Committee.

Improvements to Childcare in Public Schools

The NJ YMCA State Alliance secured significant amendments to legislation (S-3330/A-5066), which allowed any NJ public school to use vacant space in their building to provide childcare for children from six weeks old to age five. The YMCA State Alliance was particularly concerned that the bill did not require these centers to be licensed by the NJ Department of Children and Families, but only called for them to follow the childcare standards. Working with a coalition of childcare providers, the Alliance was able to make improvements to the bill including: limiting the program to a 5-year pilot of 15 public school districts and studying its impact on nearby providers; requiring that the centers be fully licensed by the Department of Children and Families; and having the tuition within the range of amounts charged by licensed child care centers in the district.

Additional Funding to Childcare Subsidy Rate

The FY20 budget signed into law by Governor Murphy includes $9 million in additional funding to increase the childcare subsidy rate. Although encouraging, continued investment is needed to bring the subsidy in-line with the true cost of providing care.