YPN General Membership

General membership is free to all staff. General members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Local and regional events: Chapters offer at least one event per year, focusing on professional and leadership development, networking, and recognition. In some geographic areas, multiple chapters may offer regional events that combine general session keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and more. (Registration fees apply.)
  • E-newsletters: Y-USA publishes a monthly online e-newsletter that includes informational and inspiring stories from Y leaders across the Movement. Each chapter publishes a quarterly newsletter sharing information about local YPN initiatives and events.
  • Professional development trainings: A new suite of eLearnings has been created specifically for YPN members. Prime members can take these trainings at no cost; the registration fee for general members is $10.
  • A vast career-support network: Members have the opportunity to connect with hundreds—even thousands—of other Y staff who share their interests and can offer career guidance, support, and advice. Through this network, YPN members benefit from peer-to peer learning and innovation among staff who specialize or are interested in Aquatics, Child Care, and Membership, just to name a few. To become a part of one of these networks, simply select your areas of interest in your profile on Link.