What is YPN?

The YMCA Professional Network (YPN) is a vast professional development network that all YMCA staff are part of. YPN gives Y staff the chance to benefit from increased peer-to-peer learning opportunities, strengthened leadership and professional development, and expanded networking opportunities.

Founded in 1871 (albeit under the name Association of General Secretaries), YPN is a place where individuals in the Y Movement can connect with one another on a personal level and share their experiences, challenges, and successes in an inclusive, supportive atmosphere.

Chapter 17

There are 35 YPN chapters throughout the United States, separated into four regions. Together, they empower all levels of Y professionals to lead, connect, and support each other. YPN chapters support the Y Movement by delivering programs and opportunities that contribute to the personal and professional development of all Y staff, foster valuable connections, and encourage all members to reach their full potential.

Chapter growth, fellowship with colleagues, learning, and innovation can be fostered and reinforced through quality chapter activities. Opportunities to share in the chapter's planning and management also serve to identify and develop future YPN leaders.

Chapter 17 includes Northern and Central New Jersey.