Staff Networks

Staff network groups serve to connect staff within program or functional area.  Staff networks are volunteer-led and maintain meeting, event and call schedules based on the needs of the network members.  All are welcome to participate.  


Active Older Adults
Sheila Dunn, Meadowlands YMCA
Tracy Crane, Fanwood Scotch Plains YMCA
Day Camp
Paul Zeger, Princeton Family YMCA
Day Camp
 Kim Burrows, YMCA of Montclair
Early Learning & Childcare
Stephanie Anderson, Metro YMCA of the Oranges
 Jane Loh, Hunterdon County YMCA
Financial Development
 Barbara Breuninger, Fanwood Scotch Plains YMCA
 Health & Well Being
 Sheri Cognetti, Fanwood Scotch Plains YMCA
 Human Resources
 Lu Ann Aversa, Hunterdon County YMCA
 Human Resources
 Kathy Minaeff, YMCA of MEWSA
 Michael Lyons, Madison Area YMCA
 Natalie Merizio, Somerset County YMCA
 Program (general)
 Jill Makkay, Hamilton Area YMCA
 Program (general)
 James Goodger, Metro YMCA of the Oranges 
 Clark Lagemann, Westfield Area YMCA
 Resident Camp
 School Age Child Care
 Shannon Frank, The Gateway Family YMCA 
Seventh Grade Initiative
Greg Hatzisavvas, Westfield Area YMCA
 Amanda Aguirre, Westfield Area YMCA
 Marty Collett, Westfield Area YMCA
 Youth Basketball
 Dave Berry, Metro YMCA of the Oranges