Ready, Set, Healthy!

Ready, Set, Healthy! (RSH), a Novo-Nordisk funded program, aims to reduce both food insecurity, and nutrition related chronic diseases among Trenton’s most vulnerable youth. The four guiding pillars of the collective impact program are:

1) Support the empowerment of parents and caregivers

2) Provide healthy food options in schools

3) Improve access to healthy, affordable food in the community

4) Create opportunities for fun physical activity before, during, and after School.

Activities currently offered through the RSH program include nutrition education and garden education lessons for students, parents and caregivers (including school staff and teachers); physical activities in school and after-school programs; Policy, Systems and Environmental (PSE) change related to the healthy corner stores and farmers markets; taste tests and cooking demonstrations for children, parents, and caregivers including school staff and corner store staff and owners.  Other large-scale educational events related to community-school issues include back to s chool readiness, chronic absenteeism, vaccinations, and section 504 services for students with special needs.

Ready, Set, Healthy! Progress Report 2018-2020

To view and/or download the Ready, Set, Healthy! Progress Report 2018-2020, click here.

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