Legislative Priorities

With New Jersey YMCAs serving nearly 550,000 members at 37 associations across the state, the Alliance will continue to advocate for policies that advance and support its charitable mission.   The advocacy plan establishes legislative priorities and support mechanisms to position New Jersey YMCAs as effective partners, leaders and resources in addressing public policy issues at local, state, and national levels.  Efforts support strengthening the foundations of community: for youth development, for healthy living, for social responsibility. Download Priority Issues


New Jersey YMCAs support legislative actions protecting the safety of children.

New Jersey YMCAs support YMCA Youth & Government for the continued development of the youth leaders


New Jersey YMCAs support legislative actions advancing environmental and policy change in support of healthy living (ie. built environment to support physical activity-walking/biking trails and sidewalks, healthy foods in schools, physical activity in schools, menu labeling)

  • Social Responsibility

New Jersey YMCAs is community centered and actively works to collaborate, support, and meet the needs of communities. 

 Download Priority Issues

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