7th Grade Initiative

A Program with Free Membership

Delivering on the YMCA’s Commitment to Build Healthy, Confident, and Connected Youth and Teens

The 7th Grade Initiative is a middle-school engagement program which strengthens healthy behaviors for young teens at the beginning of their transition from childhood to adulthood.

Designed exclusively for young teens, the program gives youth a voice and choice as they develop positive relationships with their peers and caring adults. Youth are encouraged to try different activities and discover who they are and what they can achieve; in a place that will enable them to learn, play, and grow.   

The Initiative was founded in 2008 by New Jersey YMCA State Alliance Executive Director, Bill Lovett, and adopted by the Pennsylvania Alliance of YMCAs two years later. Today, New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer the program across the state with selected Ys providing free memberships to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

For more information, contact Alliance program specialist Kathy Dunn @ kadunn706@outlook.com.