Child Protection

Keeping Kids Safe is Our Number One Priority 

New Jersey YMCAs understand that child abuse and inappropriate contact with children is a pervasive problem throughout the United States that must be managed in a proactive manner if we are to protect those in our care.

To continue to ensure the safety of children within the YMCA facilities and programs and in our communities, the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance is spearheading the following efforts. 

A Special Commission on Child Protection was established in January 2010.  Learn more.

  • The commission was tasked to direct statewide YMCA efforts regarding child abuse prevention, establishment of recommended policies and guidelines, and the coordination of comprehensive statewide communications and education. 
  • The commission remains committed to proactive steps in order to protect children in YMCA programs and facilities, and is proud to offer support and provide resources to YMCAs throughout New Jersey.  

A Special Commission on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse was established in September 2011.

  • The commission was tasked to develop and implement a community-wide training initiative throughout the state of New Jersey focusing on preventing child sexual abuse. 
  • The commission is responsible for providing leadership and resources to enable YMCAs throughout New Jersey to convene large groups of community members for education about how to prevent and lower the risk of child sexual abuse throughout our communities. 
  • YMCAs through New Jersey will identify, engage and convene numerous community groups for education that will link them as partners with the YMCA in helping to prevent child sexual abuse. 
  • The Y will position itself as the community convener of the child sexual abuse prevention trainings, not as the content expert.

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